Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Contract Worker Broke My NDA!

Dear Rich: I just found out that a contract sewing employee I had sign an NDA is making my product! What can I do to stop him? An NDA is helpful if you want to stop someone from disclosing or using your secrets. So if the contractor took a confidential process or secret information, you can sue. If, however, your products are publicly available and there is no secret element in their production or marketing, you may have a hard time claiming trade secret theft and violation of the NDA.
What else? If you have a noncompete provision and your state enforces noncompetes, you also may have a solid claim. Is your product protected under copyright or trade dress laws? That may be a way to stop copying. Bottom line dept. Assuming this product is important to your business, you should have a lawyer look at your agreement and your product.

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