Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wants to Publish Kids Book with Car Logos

Dear Rich: I read your blog about trademarks about cars in cd cover art. I have a similar question but different media, I would like to publish a children’s book about car logos. A to Z about cars. I wanted to illustrate my car art and alphabetically name car models or car manufacturers for the car crazy kids of all ages. If I had said A for Alfa Romeo, B for Buick and draw a picture of their logo and a car, would it infringe their copyright/trademark? As for editorial and informational uses of the car logos and names (trademarks), permission would not be required for your book (as we explain in this article). As for the images of the cars, the shape and appearance is not protected under copyright law (with the exception of high-concept cars such as the Batmobile) so you're free to draw your own images (or take photos) and you would own the copyright in those images. The only way you're likely to get hassled is if you imply that a car company endorsed your book or is associated with your book (for example, the use of an auto logo on the cover or advertisement confuses readers as to whether the book comes from you or Toyota).
P.S. Dept. Yes, there are car names that begin with X (and don't forget ...)

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