Friday, March 27, 2009

Legal Issues for Celebrity Numerology

Dear Rich: You stated in your blog that you can use a celebrity's name for editorial or informational purposes. I'm a numerologist and author. If I were I to do someone's numerology chart and use it in a book or publication, is that usage allowable? The short answer to your question is "yes." To best avoid problems: (1) Don't include any celebrity photos on the cover of the book or in the advertising or promotion (that could imply endorsement and violate the right of publicity); (2) Get permission for all celebrity photos used in the publication (if you need information about stock photo usage and sources, check out our book, Getting Permission); and (3) If you are a celebrity numerologist and you are reproducing charts produced for any of your clients, be sure not  to  violate any client agreements, reveal any information that invades the client's privacy, and, if possible, for the sake of the Dear Rich staff, avoid attributing all of the celebrity's success to a single digit.