Friday, April 3, 2009

More songs about buildings and copyrights

Hello Rich: I have a few questions. (1) Is a travel brochure created by a chamber of commerce a commercial or editorial publication? (2) I was on some private property doing a real estate tour and took some photos of a backyard of a nearby home that was beautifully landscaped. Can I reproduce that image? As for question one, we'd have to see the brochure. In any case, the categorization (commercial or editorial) only matters for purposes of using another company's trademark, and our guess is that any company whose trademark appears in a chamber of commerce brochure won't object. As for question two, you can find the details about photography of buildings in a previous entry. According to the Dear Rich staff, unless you're invading somebody's privacytrespassing, or the picture contains some copyrightable element (for example, a copyrighted lawn ornament), you probably won't run into a problem.