Friday, March 19, 2010

Beer, it's not just for breakfast (or keg lamps)

Dear Rich: I've started making some lamps out of empty mini kegs as gifts for family and friends and am considering selling them, either at a local craft store or online at Is it legal to sell someone else's keg (Bell's, Hienekin, Rogue, etc.) as a lamp base? I mean, what about those hand-made Coke-can wind chimes or Scrabble-piece magnets I see for sale? (Anyway, I think someone beat me to the punch on What do we like about your lamp? As Lenny Bruce's Mom would say, ' We like that you stayed home to make it.' But we hate to break it to you but likeeverybody has beat you to the punch. (Hey, but that's understandable since great beer-drinking minds probably think alike.) As for your question, the Dear Rich staff believes you're free to sell empty kegs as lamps provided you don't create the impression that a beer company endorses or is otherwise associated with your project.