Thursday, March 17, 2011

Copyright My Blog

Dear Rich: I would like to copyright my blog content and title. I'm not sure the difference between patent, copyright, and trademark. Which is most appropriate? First, you can eliminate patents from consideration as they deal with inventions and designs (The distinction is explained here).
As for trademarks and copyrights ... You can protect your blog's title by registering it with the USPTO. If it qualifies, you will be able to stop other blogs and related publications from using a similar title. (You can read more about blog trademarks here.) As for copyright, as Dear Rich readers know, your content is protected under copyright automatically once you create it. You can also register your blog as an online work, which requires periodic filing of groups of new blog entries (which has some advantages but which will cost you between $35 to $45 per filing). In the event of infringement, the Dear Rich staff also recommends considering the use of DMCA takedown notices (explained here). You can also augment your blog copyright protection by following some of the suggestions posted here (where you can view more raccoon photos), or you can rely on a Creative Commons license, by following the suggestions here).  Wow, all that linking and reading has got us exhausted.

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