Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Specimen for Blog Trademark: What Should I Submit?

Dear Rich: I want to trademark my blog name. I went to the USPTO to file online but am confused about what I am supposed to submit as a specimen? Help, please. Hi fellow blogger! Like us, you're providing "online journal" services ... so your specimen must identify those services and it must indicate their source. The screenshot above will give you an idea of what's suitable for a blog trademark specimen because (1) it shows the URL (where to locate the services on the web); (2) it shows the mark as used in commerce (and confirms that the mark -- Dear Rich --  is the same as in the application); and (3) it shows a means for people to contact the Dear Rich Staff. (Of course, your site wouldn't include the trademark registration symbol as you can only include that after the registration is granted.) The USPTO offers more information about service mark specimens. Although you can probably manage the online registration yourself, Nolo also offers online help  for those who need a little assistance in the filing process.

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