Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can I Use 'Fortune 500' ?

Dear Rich: I am working on a research project about architecture and Fortune 500 companies. I want to publish my research but would like to learn more about trademark and copyright. The questions I have are the following: Can I use "Fortune 500" in the name of my book? Do I need permission from Time Inc? Can I use a company's name from the list of "Fortune 500" in my book? Do I need permission from Time Inc. and/or each listed company? I have made original architectural drawings that contain the logo of the company and the design of their existing space, such as McDonald's. Do I need permission to publish my drawing? Here we go: 'Yes ' you can use Fortune 500 in your book title. We found at least eight books that made similar uses from dating as a business strategy to spirituality in marketing. Avoid duplicating the Fortune font and logo. And, no, you don't need permission from Time Inc. Yes, you can use a company's name or logo in your book without permission because your work is "informational." For the same reason, you can publish company logos and your drawings of the buildings - yes, buildings can be the subject of trademark protection. Buildings are also protected by copyright law, but not if they were created before 1990. Even with that protection you can take photographs or make other "pictorial representations" of post-1990 buildings. So you're good to go all around


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