Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Needs Anatomy Pix for Dissertation

Dear Rich: I'm writing my postgraduate dissertation for surgery and I need to use pictures from the Skandalakis anatomy book, how do I ask for permission or can I use them? Wow, two anatomy questions within six months. (Our last question had to do with public domain imagery like the image, left.) We get seriously sidetracked with these anatomy questions -- is that really where the liver is? Just looking at this cross-section of the digestive tract has us vowing to quit processed cheese.
Right, you had a question. The Skandalakis anatomy book (we assume you're referring to Surgical Anatomy and Technique, by Lee John Skandalakis, John E. Skandalakis, and Panajiotis N. Skandalakis), is published by Springer International, in Germany. Springer explains its permission process at its website. (Note the fairly enlightened explanation of U.S. fair use which may be helpful in your case.) The company supposedly provides a downloadable permission request form on the permissions page but when we clicked it, we were re-directed to the homepage (ist der programmer abpoofen?) Probably your request should go to this Springer employee. But if that doesn't work, this page may provide more guidance. Of course, we explain the process for getting these types of rights in more detail in our permissions book.

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