Friday, July 6, 2012

Wants Self-Publishing Rights Back

From "Correct Postures for Housework
Dear Rich: Back in 2004 I self-published a book while retaining full copyright to this publication. Now will it be possible for me to revoke the publisher’s right to further publication of book? If you self-published your book, chances are you control all rights, not a third party. For example, if you self published via CreateSpace, that arrangement is non-exclusive and you are always free to stop selling via CreateSpace and transfer all rights to a major publisher (although CreateSpace retains an ISBN for the book). If you meant that you paid for the publication via a vanity publisher (or any publisher for that matter) your ability to terminate depends on the terms of the agreement. Owning the copyright in a book doesn't trump the rights of a publisher. Typically, it's the opposite -- the publishing agreement transfers all rights granted under copyright law to the publisher for a limited period. We addressed this issue last month.

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