Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wants to Make Ric Rac Taggies

Dear Rich: I want to make a taggie for a friend and know people will see it and want one. I am aware of the legal issues on looped ribbon. Can I use textured ribbon and Ric Rac? I have ribbon which has "handmade with love" on it. Can I put the ribbon corner to corner diagonally? Is this allowed? I want to add texture to a normal square-shaped one and add a squeak to the shapes cut from a slice fabrique. Can you tell me if this is ok? Is it okay to use fleece? I need help so I am not breaching copywright issues. We're always excited to learn about popular crafts items, especially ones that we know nothing about ... Wait a sec ... we do know something about Taggies! We  wrote about them in a previous entry.
We can't really help. Because of the patent issued for Taggies, we really couldn't tell you whether you can get away with any of your plans but we have a feeling that if the Taggies Corporation learns of your proposed uses they'll ask you to stop no matter what you're doing. Of course, that's if they learn about your versions. If you avoid using the term, Taggies, you're unlikely to show up on their radar, particularly if you're just making the item for friends. Also, we know we have altered the grammar for much of your question and we hope that's okay -- our staff is a stickler for grammar and if anyone needs a grammar refresher we recommend this new book. (And we would also remind you -- in the gentlest of ways -- that there is no "w" in copyright.)

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