Friday, May 10, 2013

Creating Fake U.S. Military Organization

Dear Rich: I am working on the third fictional book in a series about a fictional U.S. government counter terrorism organization. I am including considerable fictional events that occur on, and in connection with, an actual U.S. military installation, in which I use the actual name of the installation. I use fictional names for the military personnel at the location, but some of the positions are real, such as the commanding officer, MPs, etc. The stories are not based on any known actual people or events. Do I face any liability for the material in these stories/books which are published on Amazon CreateSpace and Amazon Kindle? Regardless where you publish your books, you won't face any liability. Unless you defame a real person or invade their privacy, or disclose government secrets or trade secrets in violation of an agreement, you shouldn't run into a problem. Good thing, too! Fake counter-terrorism enterprises -- whether they're Rainbow Six or Control -- are a mainstay of American fiction.

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