Friday, July 12, 2013

Wants to Blog FOX TV Series

Dear Rich: Greetings from Denmark. I'm thinking about creating a web page that will be about a very popular Fox series. I want people to blog out best quotes and get voting etc. The web page will be also about fan material. I want to use their official JPGs that you find on Google. Do you think this is acceptable or its clear that I will get banned? Greetings from California where the Dear Rich Staff is busy avoiding the mess that is called the America's Cup. As for your potential website, Fox, like most TV networks takes an approach we would describe as "watchful noninterference." That is they will allow fans to create fan sites using copyrighted content provided that the site does not seek to exploit the content in a way that competes with the network. For example, Fox apparently looks the other way when it comes to fan websites for its popular Glee program. These sites also contain detailed disclaimers, as well. You should include a similar disclaimer (though as we have pointed out before, it has limited value). We imagine that you will likely run into problems if your site offers unauthorized T-shirts or DVDs, or offers downloadable content from the series. The only other way you might get "banned" would be if your Internet service provider, acting on its own, determined that you offered infringing material and demanded that you pull it -- an unlikely scenario.