Monday, October 7, 2013

Hired to Make Words With Friends Christmas Card

Dear Rich: I have a client who wants me to make her Xmas  card using the Words with Friends scrabble board....approximately 130 cards.  I'm not sure if I'm able to do this because of Zynga copyright laws.  She is only using this for her Xmas cards and will not be selling these.  However, she will be paying a small fee to me to cover my time and paper expenses.  Is this legal? If you mean, will you get hassled for making the card, the chances are pretty slim (unless Don Mattrick is on your Christmas card list). Zynga may have a copyright in its board game's appearance and structure (note its non-infringing differences with Scrabble) but we doubt whether the company would chase after someone who printing a limited edition Christmas Card collection for private use. (They're too busy chasing porn apps and recovering from their stock slide). As long as you're not commercializing or competing, you're not likely to get a cease and desist letter.

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