Friday, November 8, 2013

Wants to Use Corporate Slogans in Self-Help Book

Dear Rich: I have written a self help book. In the first chapter I give 5 guidelines and I have used advertisement slogans as heading for each topic. Example: "Just do it: When you are in this situation you have to do what is necessary and keep making the effort." Just do it is Nike's slogan. Can I use it like this? Slogans are trademarks -- they identify and distinguish products and services -- and you are free to use them for informational/editorial purposes without asking for permission.In other words, use within your book should be fine. If you're looking for more security, include a prominent disclaimer such as "Corporate slogans and trademarks are the property of their respective owners and their use here does not imply any association or endorsement." If you're still feeling paranoid, avoid using the slogans in the advertising or cover materials for the book --  or at least avoid doing so in a manner (like our example above) that implies an association or endorsement.

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