Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wants to Use Alice in Wonderland Quotes

Dear Rich: I had sort of an epiphany while watching the  Tim Burton version of "Alice in Wonderland." It prompted me to start writing a book called "The Six Impossible Things I Believe Before Breakfast." I plan to self publish but am concerned about permissions. I will use about 8 dialogue quotes in the book and then I have come up with my own 6 Impossible Things I Believe Before Breakfast inspired by Alice's. For example Alice's 1st Impossible thing is "There is a potion that can make you shrink" Mine is "There is an enemy that can make you shrink" Do I need permission to expound on an idea inspired by watching a movie? If so, who do I get it from? No permission is needed. Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland was published in 1843 and lives comfortably in the public domain. Even if it were not in the public domain, we think you would be safe revising eight quotations from the book under fair use principles.

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