Monday, June 9, 2014

How Do I Register Cover Songs With BMI?

use Limelight when covering a song
Dear Rich: So, my first question is whether your answer to the question about registering a song with BMI and ASCAP is still the right information. I mean I signed with BMI but my co writer, the singer, he is with ASCAP. My second question is how do I register a cover song with BMI? I heard I can do that with Limelight. But if I do that with Limelight do I still have to register the cover song with the BMI or not? We stand by our answer regarding joint registrations at BMI and ASCAP. And as we indicated, if you run into problems, check with the performance rights organization: ASCAP Member Services (1-800-952-7227); BMI Member services ( (212-220-3000); Los Angeles (310-659-9109))
How do I register a cover song with BMI? You can cross that off your to-do list because you can't register a cover song with BMI or ASCAP. These performing rights organizations are for songwriters who are registering original songs. (They collect money when the song is played publicly). If you are covering someone else's song you would need a license from the owner of the song. Limelight is an organization that facilitates (for a fee) those types of mechanical licenses.

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