Friday, September 7, 2012

Wants to Expand Trademark to Other Classes

photo USDA
Agricultural Research Service
Dear Rich: We are a small organic farm near Salem, Oregon. We have an existing 1(a) trademark with an International class 001 and several U.S. classes for the products we manufacture and distribute. I would like to add three additional U.S. classes. I can’t seem to get a handle on exactly which form to use. Seems straight forward if the trademark has NOT been published and still under review but I can’t find the answer to post publication addition of classes. If your trademark application has been published for opposition (see Step 11), and you want to add additional classes, you should file a second application. It won't make any difference financially as you will be charged the same per class (approximately $300 each) however you file. You can even file three separate applications if, for example, you anticipate problems with one of the classes but not with the other two.

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