Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Gray's Anatomy

Question #1: Dear Rich: I was trying to find out whether Gray's Anatomy is copyrighted as I wanted to published some of the images in a scientific publication, when I came across the posting in your blog. I live in Canada, and was wondering whether I could use these without obtaining permission. Otherwise, who would I contact for permission?

Question #2: Dear Rich: I am a visual artist from Germany, living in the U.S.A. A few years ago I inherited Gray's Anatomy, the 22d Edition. It has beautiful engravings, and I fell in love with one or the other, and combine them with my own work. I would like to use some of the engravings which are in public domain, but scan the ones from my book for a better resolution. I also would like to remove the text. So, my question, is, am I allowed to use the engravings on without getting in trouble? Although we've already answered a similar question, we'll summarize the rules one more time.

  • The 20th edition is public domain in the U.S. because it was published prior to 1923
  • It's likely that the 20th edition is public domain around the world. (That would not be the case if some illustrators of the 20th edition were not anonymous and lived past 1942. PS -All works by Henry Vandyke Carter are in the PD). 
  • You can freely copy, scan or reproduce images that are in the public domain whether on or
  • The current owner of rights and publisher of the 40th edition is Elsevier. (Here's information about their rights and permissions policies.)

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