Wednesday, January 15, 2014

MyBookez Stole My Book

Do I have any recourse against an almost invisible entity,, which is offering a free download of a book for which I co-own the copyright? Alas, there's probably not much you can do about the activity occurring at aka MyBookez. According to Network Solutions Whois, the site is based in China and owned by Xin Net Technology Corporation. We doubt that a DMCA notice to the ISP owner would  have much effect and we didn't find any previous notices at the Chilling Effects repository, either. In any case, here's an explanation of the DMCA procedures and here's a DMCA template. You can also send a copy to Google (here's where to start) which may result in your MyBookez page disappearing from Adsense or Google Search results. You can also try a company like (although we can't vouch for the effectiveness or reliability of fee-based third-party DMCA notifiers).

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