Friday, March 21, 2014

Wants to Sell "Wheel of Time" Crocheted Shawl

Dear Rich, My daughter has a talent for taking a description of an item in a book she likes and creating an original article of knitting/crocheting. For example, in the “Wheel of Time” book series, there is are descriptions of the Flame of Tar Valon and Aes Sedai shawls. She has created crocheted articles and an pattern for the Flame of Tar Valon and desires to sell them online. Further she desires to make and sell her own designs of Aes Sedai shawls. What are the legal hoops she needs to jump through, if any, to avoid getting sued? We think your daughter will be fine as long as she steers clear of any advertising that implies the Wheel of Time folks support or endorse her endeavor. One way is to label her work as "Inspired By Wheel of Time" as described in a recent post. Of course, the greater your daughter's success, the more likely she will be scrutinized by the WOT owners.
Who are the WOT owners? Your daughter would want to avoid upsetting the Bandersnatch Group (who appears to be the official licensor of rights) and which has a variety of live applications and registrations for Wheel of Time at the trademark office.

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