Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wants to Adapt Book Into Broadway Musical

Dear Rich: I'm currently working on a class project where we are adapting a book (published 2011) for a Broadway show. What rights do we need to secure in order to do this? I can find a lot of information for book to film or book to tv but nothing about musicals or stage productions.
If you want to adapt a work -- book, TV show, movie -- into a Broadway musical, you will need to find the copyright owner and negotiate the grand performing rights (or "grand rights" for short). We explain how to perform copyright research, here. We think this type of negotiation goes way beyond the budget and means of a class project and for that reason, it would be great, though unlikely, if the copyright owner would create an informal arrangement, limiting your use to the class project. That's probably not possible in which case, we'd suggest considering a public domain adaptation.