Thursday, June 27, 2019

Can I Sell Cecil Aldin Coloring Book?

British illustrator Cecil Aldin (1870 - 1935)
 with one of his furry subjects
Dear Rich: Can I sell black and white images by Cecil Aldin? I would like to sell them to potential customers who could color them in?
Yes, you're free to sell the animal illustrations of Cecil Aldin. Except for his imagery for "His Apologies" (Rudyard Kipling's 17-page poem about a Scottish Terrier puppy), all of the artwork by Aldin (sometimes mistakenly spelled "Alden") is public domain. The works were either published before 1924 or were not timely renewed (according to the Stanford Renewals database). "His Apologies" was renewed in 1959, and the drawings are under copyright until 2027.

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