Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Looking for Your Dear Rich Question?

Dear Rich: I wrote a question to you in January and still haven't seen a response.  How long does it take to get an answer? I'm so glad you asked. The Dear Rich staff  hopes to answer all questions (unless there's something weird going on... like you're trying to get us to do your homework for law school). Unfortunately, we've got a big backlog. There's currently an eight week delay. We're working on correcting that with a new and un-patentable speed answering program. Please don't give up! You may have noticed that sometimes we answer questions out of order. This happens if (1) we know you and feel personally obligated, (2) you are famous and we are trying to please you (3) the matter is of great and immediate relevance to many readers, or (4) your question is really easy to answer. Other than that, all questions are created equal and we will diligently attempt to answer them in order (while keeping it fresh and funky).