Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Which is worse?
Join us in not using soap today!

SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) Soap (as in detergents)
Enables the Department of Justice (or private parties) to "blockade" so-called pirate sites outside U.S. jurisdiction by cutting them off from search engine results and AdSense revenue.
Enables freshwater fish to better absorb pesticides and phenols often causing twice the damage to wildlife.
Destroys the safe harbors of the DMCA.

Destroys the external mucus layers that protect fish from bacteria and parasites and causes severe damage to the fish gills.
Could make non-pirate sites (such as Yahoo, Flickr and Scribd) liable for infringement.
Could – in the case of antibacterial soaps that contain triclosan – cause hormonal/endocrine damage in humans.
May contribute to loss of jobs and diminished revenue in the tech sector.
May contribute to major phosphate pollution and toxic contamination of the Great Lakes and other waterways. (In 2010, 16 states banned phosphate sales causing many consumers in need of "sparkling" dishes to travel across state borders to buy "contraband.”)
Say No to SOAP and SOPA!
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