Friday, July 31, 2009

Permission Form to Publish Pix @ Website

Dear Rich: I am looking for a very simple permission slip that will, when signed, allow us to publish pictures taken during church events to an events page and special pages of our website. Is there such a thing? The Dear Rich staff has dug deep into its volumes of legal blather and pulled out the following basic permission form, modified from an agreement in our helpful tome, Getting Permission. This is a very simple photo permission agreement and should be used only for republishing someone's photograph at a website. If a fee is charged, you can add a statement regarding that information and if a photo credit is to be provided, list that somewhere in the agreement -- for example, "Photographer shall be credited as follows: 'Photo Copyright 2009 Jim Smith.'" If you need more than this or are concerned about legal rights, etc. review the book.Simple Photo Permission Agreement for Use at Website